Natures Words Of Wisdom

Welcome to Swapnagandha, a nature-oriented ecotel meant for those who love nature, seek tranquility and want to experience nature at its best.

Kindly follow these suggestions for a memorable stay at Swapnagandha.

  • Always stay on the paths and roads in the property, as it is very easy to lose your way in the thick forests.
  • Always take a guide along on trails and do not leave children unattended in the property.
  • Wear earth coloured clothes and avoid the use of strong perfumes and deodorants.
  • Do not throw human waste litter in the property or the forests that surround it.
  • Avoid the use of plastic-we have declared the area as a plastic free zone.
  • Room service by way of food items, beverages, etc is not offered in the cottages as it attracts ants insects, and rodents. Do not carry food items on person while checking in the resort, as it is not allowed by policy.
  • Refrain from any noisy activity as sound travels fast and disturbs the tranquility of the property.
  • Our property is full of inflammable matter. Do not dispose matchsticks, cigarette butts etc in the forests as it can result in widespread fire.
  • Avoid plucking; collecting or breaking any natural wonders like wild flowers, medicinal plants, etc as it destroys vital natural habitats.
  • The staff has been trained in jungle craft, snake handling, first aid and survival tactics and have been instructed to keep minimal contact with the guests to protect your privacy.
  • Co-operate with the field staff, local artisans and guides, as they are there to provide you comfort, security and peace and also to preserve the sanctity of the forests.
  • All types of beverages, drinks and food items are restricted in the vicinity of the swimming pool as it spoils the environs of the pool area.
  • While every care has been taken for the safety of guests and their belongings, Swapnagandha will not entertain any claims for loss of belongings or accidents caused due to human ignorance or error.
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