Wednesday 23, April 2014
Swapnagandha Resorts Swapnagandha Resorts Swapnagandha Resorts Swapnagandha Resorts Swapnagandha Resorts Swapnagandha Resorts

           Imagine this! An expanse of verdant bottle green mountain peaks till the eye can see and a carpet of mist that cloaks it in an ethereal manner, almost enveloping your being into this mystic realm. A great pied Hornbill glides across this landscape and lands on a Kokum tree and all the while in the background your can hear the beckoning call of a Sambhar resonating through the valley.

This is Swapnagandha!

          A paradise that is just 62 kilometers away from the capital city of Panjim and yet, a lifetime away from the entrapments of urban evolution. Conceptualized as a dream project to present Goa's forgotten hinterland village landscape and its cuisine, Swapnagandha is nestled in the lap of Chorla Ghats range of the Western Ghats and shares its pristine borders with the Mahdei Wildlife sanctuary and the reserved forests of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

This is a land of plenty, where the earth smells its essential best and fresh air reigns supreme. Perched at 700 meters above sea level, on a ridge the temperatures rarely exceed 25 degrees, making this one of Goa's uncharted hill stations!

        A traditional restaurant named ‘Fodni?serves revived and time honoured recipes that not only satisfy the taste buds but also breathe life into an array of local customs.

       With eight well conceptualized eco-cottages that open out to the magnificent 143 meter Vazra falls on one side and the back waters of the Anjunem reservoir on the other, one can literally immerse oneself in nature's spiritual domain and yet experience all the comforts of international eco-tel standards from the privacy of your cottage.

        At Swapnagandha one can enjoy the serene surroundings with family and friends over a bonfire, practice yoga at breathtaking locations or watch a wildlife film under a moonlit sky.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

        And for those who want to mix business and pleasure, Swapnagandha offers a unique blend of a fully equipped Conferencing facilities and a host of adventure and team building activities. Ideal for groups of 12 - 16 individuals, this is one locale that has the potential to brainstorm amidst virgin settings while you experience the magic of the land.

        Coupled with local folk dances, star gazing sessions and various activities, Swapnagandha also offers tailor-made nature trails and adventure activities that offer a glimpse of the natural and cultural treasures of this part of the Western Ghats. This is a birders paradise as the area is the nesting ground of the endangered Long Billed vulture and the rare Sri Lanka frogmouth. The region has been declared as an "Important Bird Area" by Birdlife International and sightings are abundant thanks to the undisturbed vegetation and foliage.

        Come to this land to experience a celestial sky painting at sunrise or to walk amidst the clouds at sundown. Have an unforgettable date with a zillion stars for company and unwind to the fragrance of the medicinal plants of the Western Ghats. Or better still do nothing and escape into a time of oneness and tranquil enchantment.

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